Steering Committee

Mark Mañago, PT, PhD

University of Colorado

Mark Mañago, PT, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program with appointments in the Departments of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Neurology. He is also a Research Health Science Specialist at the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System. Dr. Mañago is co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Movement Science Laboratory and his research is focused on investigating clinically relevant rehabilitation interventions that improve mobility, participation, and quality of life in people with chronic neurologic conditions, including MS.

Kathy Zackowski, PhD, OTR

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Kennedy Krieger Institute

Kathy Zackowski, PhD, OTR, has over 20 years of experience in treating people with MS and teaching students and fellows about rehabilitation for people with MS. She is currently the Associate Vice President of Research for the National MS Society and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Departments of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Neurology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Her research investigates mechanisms underlying sensorimotor impairments and disability resulting from damage to the central nervous system so as to improve disability.

Nora Fritz, PhD, PT, DPT, NCS

Wayne State University

Nora Fritz, PT, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Health Care Sciences and Neurology at Wayne State University. She serves as the Director of Research for the Department of Health Care Sciences and is the Director of the Neuroimaging and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory. Dr. Fritz’s research interests include examining the influence of cognition on mobility and exploring exercise interventions to improve function in individuals with neurologic conditions. She is particularly interested in linking clinically observable function to structural imaging and predicting the outcomes of exercise interventions using neuroimaging.

Brett Fling, PhD

Colorado State University

Brett Fling, PhD, is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Program Director in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University and served as chair of the International Symposium on Gait and Balance in MS from 2018-2023. Dr. Fling is also the Director of the Sensorimotor Neuroimaging Laboratory at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and his research is dedicated to investigating the neural mechanisms underlying MS-related mobility dysfunction.

Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT

Oregon Health & Science University

Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT, a neurologist and physical therapist, is a teacher, author, and a clinician. She is a Professor in the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University. She is has authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles, three textbooks, and multiple book chapters. Dr. Cameron’s research focuses on imbalance and falls in people with multiple sclerosis and on the use of electrophysical agents in rehabilitation.

Past Members

Jo Wagner, PT, PhD

Current position: 
Director, Medical Affairs at Xenon Pharmaceuticals

Rebecca Spain, MD, MSPH, FAAN

Current positions:
Associate Professor of Neurology, OHSU
Co-Director and Associate Director of Clinical Care
VA MS Center of Excellence-West


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